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           This page features skins made for Winamp. One of the most famous audio player that was ever made. The skins that are Featured here for download, are made by my friend Neville. Maybe later I will put up some of mine skins, that is if I ever complete them.

  You can contact Neville directly at  :-   nwiz20@yahoo.com

   1.   This skin is called "Desert Storm". Its compatibility  is with Winamp 2.X , it may work with higher version but has been not tested yet. This skin is Nevy's 2nd Skin. Rest in Nevy's words :-
"well, after the ashenwood skin. many people thought it was really dark...(my intentions)
this time I tweaked the brightness and contrast to give a dusty pale sand color to play off with the entire skin... this one was easy !!(thank god).

the next one will be exxxxtremely curvy and more 3d added to it!! code named ::powerdrive:: sooooon!! "

 To download the skin just click on the thumbnail of the skin...if the thumbnail
does not show just click here to download the skin

    2.  This skin is called "AsheNwoodshine" .this is Nevy's first skin . This skin also is compatible with Winamp 2.X ,and it may also work with higher versions. Rest in Nevy's words :-

" well here it is. . . ::ashen:: just imagine a 3ds max texture manipulated with steel should definitely make a combination which is obviously weird and shiny of course, anyway black this time was used a lot!! more than wild glaze: whipped up a lot of reflections for the glass cuts !! to trick the eye !!(hope I did it)...but hey ..it's all in the head!! "

To Download this skin just click on the thumbnail..... If the thumbnail
                                    does not load just click here to download the skin

    3.  This skin is called " BoTaMp " compatibility is 2.x and above
more 3D layering courtesy of Adobe Photoshop 7.0!!ain't it good this time honey?!! Gloss contours added for the Eq buttons
-------recommended settings------------------
Refresh rate : 70fps
spectrum analyzer options : fire style
peaks : Thick bands --------------------------------------------------
 If The thumbnail does not load just click here to download the skin. 


   4. This skin is called " HYPERDRIVE ".
                                    compatibility is 2.x and above
after a loooooooooong slumber.. i'm baaaaaack!! and now with hyper driven mayhem!!
my latest offering .. i guess desert storm did pretty well...lets hope for this one... but, wait there's more . . . find my wallpaper included with this crazy stuff to get u in the mood!! hope u all dig it!!
file size is more than i expected it . . .but hey , the proof of the pudding is in the eating!!
ummmmm . . . . . ( i totally meant the pudding %^%&?!! )
image courtesy adobe Photoshop 7.

                                    If the thumbnail does not load just click here to download the skin

   5.  This skin is called " HI_FIDELITY ".
compatibility is 2.x and above  after the brain wracking creation of ::BotAmp::skin (which was much lighter in color <gotta fix it>)...anyyyyway... i really whipped up somethin this time, high contrast coloring, more blue put to the design flow, noise clouds.. courtesy of Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and of course..not to mention.. Flash MX!!

one handtwisting week tested my patience to the limit.......

but it was worth iiiiit!!
more skins comin soon...............

-------recommended settings------------------
Refresh rate : 70fps
spectrum analyzer options : line style
peaks : Thick bands
Analyzer & peak falloffs can be played with considerably, the catch is the "green tinge" in the viz FX blends quite nicely & slowly.. with the background.

crazy dude from goa sayin chao!
If the thumbnail does not load just click here to download the skin.

   6.  ::->::SinEnvi - LiQuiD X::<-::
compatibility ::->::winamp 2.9x::<-::

looks like Wild Glaze will have some tough competition::this skin was really tough (for me that is) i tried very hard to get everything in compact mode, i even had to change the control buttons for the main skin all over again because it didn't fit properly...anyway i managed to slope them down from left to right , which seemed pretty easy!!he he he more gloss ( again , i'm addicted to shininess, damn 3dmax5, got into me).I like my skins to be distinct; but i also like to be conservative e.g. i used a few symbols from my previous skins and manipulated them differently to give a new look!! lots of time went into that too!!
by the way, pay a visit to actual winamp site : skins section and have a look see about why i gave it a weird name!! its all in the colors!! they do speak y'know!
lot of painstaking, hardass, hours injected into this skin, hope u dig it!!

more upcoming skins soon!! yEEEEEE Haaaaaa!!!
If the thumbnail does not load just click here to download the skin

   7. ::->::WilD Glaze::<-::

compatibility ::->::winamp 2.9x::<-::

::BotAmp::, ::HI-FiDelity:: and now Wild Glaze!!.very heavy gloss added to design flow, more noise streams this time .. packed with reflection and lots..&** i mean** lots of shadows i couldn't have done better if it weren't for Adobe Photoshop 7.0 ....well no traces of Flash MX !! anywhere.I actually wanted to tackle the animations a little differently.....>> Adobe Imageready did just the trick! it's waaaay cool!! all the shadows, blending etc are kept intact even in layers and then frames are flattened into new seperated layers which proved to be easier to copy and paste into their respective places.
lots of work went into this skin,hope u drool over it!!
and now media library plus the video panel have been added to complete the glossy flow...

If the thumbnail does not load just click here to download the skin

Tools to build your own Winamp skin :-  if you are building your own Winamp skin, you will see that building all the components individually for the skin can be quite tiring and also you tend to lose your prospective. So to make the skin building process slightly easier. You can  Download the available zip file by clicking on the link below. this file contains  Five psd files and in them the basic structure of the skin has been already defined and all the individual elements are present in the guide layers. so if you double click on the guide layer you will get an automatic selection of element. this process drastically reduces the skin building time. to use these psd file you have to have Photoshop 5.5 or higher version installed. also you have to have a working knowledge of Photoshop.

      ---------------------------->      Download ZIP file     <--------------------------------

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