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     I read all the time, mostly fiction, but it is not must hard and fast rule,  if a can get my hands on a book  I will read it. anyways all that later .I have just finished Greg bears " eon " and Douglas Adams " hitchhikers guide to galaxy ".

Eon is really good book. And it starts very well. the concept is also very well thought of by the author and it really makes you think a lot, about whether it can really happen. I really liked the idea of that chamber being longer in he inside and shorter outside and stretching on for ever. But I think the author lost some steam in the end, cos I was not really able to read the book with the same kind of wonder and enthusiasm. if you disagree with my thoughts please let me know because I always like to here opposing views.


The other book " hitchhikers guide to galaxy ",  its on hell of a book, in fact its a five part trilogy and really funny. the writer has quite an imagination you will see it right from the first page. this is one book that I will recommend to everyone to read. The only thing wrong that I was able to find with the whole book is that is quite short and comes to end very soon. other than this I could not find anything wrong.

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