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                      Cheat Codes For Grand Theft Auto Series

                                 Grand Theft Auto

Game Tip:
type your name as bstard to gain all weapons all levels and unlimited ammo.

Cheat Mode:
To use these cheats go to the character select
screen and press DELETE or BACKSPACE, enter the
desired code, then press ENTER.

Code Result
6031769 Unlimited life
itgallus All levels and cities
nineinarow All levels and cities
super well All levels and cities
itsgallus All levels all cities
iamthelaw No police presence
stevesmates No police presence
itcouldbeyou 999,999,999 points
suckmyrocket All weapons, armor, and jail key
itstantrum Unlimited lives
hate machine 10x multiplier bonus
% machine 10x multiplier bonus
buckfast Press * on the numberpad for all weapons
porkcharsui Game diagnostics
davesworld you die a bad death

Extra Swearing
Press delete on any player's name and type in iamgarypenn
note 1
to disable swearing completely type iamnotgarypenn instead of iamgarypenn
note 2
it must be typed the way i have written it
(without capitals or any spacing).

Bomb Shop
When you start out on a level steal a car, but don't pick a big one or else the trick will be harder. Then keep searching for a garage door kinda thing that has an X coming out from it. Enter that place and your car will be rigged or in other words bombed. Then stop the car somewhere
and press the FIRE button your car will be armed so get out of it within about five seconds or you will BLOW up! This trick is useful for jobs, killing and collecting money. You MUST have at least $5,000 dollars or you will not be able to get your car rigged.

Easy Tank
On the first city, access the second scene (Heist All Mighty.) When you start, run somebody over and wait for the ambulance to arrive. When it does, nick it and drive to the army base, drive in and you can nick the tank.This only works with an ambulance or a police car.

Gang Leader
Go up to a group of Gurangas, or the groups of people making noise and running around following each other. Now, don't shoot them, but instead beat up the person in the front. If you beat him up enough, they will start following you almost anywhere. It's a good way to get a guranga with a machine gun, flame thrower, or other high powered weapon of death.

Train Hijacking
At any train station, enter the train and press CTRL to gain control of that train.

Walk in the Sewer
From the starting location, in Liberty City, go north on the starting road past the park, all the way until you get to the Beast, then go north on that road, around the bend until you get to the next major 3-way intersection. Take an immediate left on that major road. Go over the bridge and take a right on the road, heading north, immediately after it. Go past the Hospital and Police station, then take a left on that major road. Follow that road until you get to a 3-way intersection
with a 6-lane road. It is the first sewer on YOUR right. Get out of your car and step on the curb next to the sewer, you should fall through. Once you fall in, you can't get out. Drive your car on it for a nasty surprise.

                            Grand Theft Auto: Director's Cut

Game Tip:
In liberty city: the tank, coordinates  99,48.

Before accepting a mission, root around for weapons in hidden areas.

Cops are worth lots of points, so don't be afraid to face them head-on if you have the firepower.

Stick to the bigger roads when you're trying to quickly cross long distances; they don't twist as much, and they give you more room to maneuver.

                                         Grand Theft Auto London 1969

The following is a list of cheats for
the game Grand Theft Auto London 1969.

6661970 = Infinite lives
tourettes = Inf. lives and hit * key for all weapons
ohmatron = Inf. lives and hit * key for all weapons
pieandmash = Inf. lives and hit * key for all weapons
asawindow = Inf. lives and hit * key for all weapons
notourettes = Inf. lives and hit * key for all weapons
flashmotor = all levels
super well = all levels
travelcard = all levels and inf. lives
iamfilth = inf. lives
tithead = inf. lives
deathtoall = Inf. lives and hit * key for all weapons
iamgod = 10x Multiplyer Inf. lives press * for weapons
averyrichman = 999999999 points
uaintnuffin = 999999999 pnts all weapons if you press * and all items
psychadelic = 999999999 pnts all weapons if you press * and all items
silence = 999999999 pnts all weapons if you press * and all items
driveby = 999999999 pnts all weapons if you press * and all items
herc = 999999999 pnts all weapons if you press * and all items
rommel = Debug Mode

                                                     Grand Theft Auto 2

Game Tip:
its good 2 have a wank while ur playing it gets u more excited
and hiped up 4 the game

Cheat mode:
Enter GOURANGA as a name to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following names before starting a level to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Some codes may only work in the North American version, while others may only work in the European

Effect Name
All weapons navarone
10 million points BIGSCORE
5x multiplier HIGHFIVE
99 lives CUTIE1
All bonus Levels TUMYFROG
All 3 cities BEMEALL or UKGAMER
All levels, weapons, God mode IAMASUCKER
All weapons with full ammo GODOFGTA
Flame thrower FLAMEON
Electric ray gun VOLTFEST
Double damage power-up SCHURULZ
Invisible HUNSRUS
Respect from three gangs MADEMAN
Small cars FISHFLAP
Debug basic scripts NO FRILLS
Display coordinates WUGGLES
Free shopping EATSOUP
Hamster runs across screen MEATMAN
Increased brutality BEEFCAKE
Invisibility HUNSRUS
Keep weapons after arrest ARSESTAR
Level select ITSALLUP
Maximum wanted level DESIRES
More gore GOREFEST
People more aggressive BUCKFAST
"Elvis clan" people LASVEGAS
Naked people NEKKID
$200,000 DANISGOD
$9,999,999 IAMDAVEJ

1. Can still be arrested.
2. Save the game, exit, then resume to gain an additional $500,000 as long as your name remains the same.

Leave a car at the dump to receive the corresponding power-up.

Car Power-Up:
Aniston BD4 -Jail Free Card
Beamer- Flame Thrower
Big Bug- Machine Gun
B-Type- Invulnerability
Bug- Machine Gun
Dementia- Invisibility
Miar-a Rocket Launcher
Michelli Roadster - Machine Gun
Minx - ElectroFingers
Police Car - Cop Bribe
Romero - Armor
Schmidt - Health
Shark - Molotov Cocktails
Taxi - Double Damage
U-Jerk - Truck Machine Gun
Z-Type - Silenced Machine Gun

Bonus level:
Collect all the GTA 2 Shields and to play the 3.Special Level.

Getting rid of cops:
Go to the territory of what ever gang you are working for and they will shoot them for you.

When you enter muchcash you get 500000$,when you start the level.Then save the game and quit the level. Then load from saved status and now you have 500000$ more than before on our account. You can do the trick often you want.

Tune radio:
While driving a car that has a radio, press Up to change stations.

Weird Cars:
There are several ways to make a few different cars look weird.Hot Dog Train: Burp/fart 17 times (press tab while on foot) then walk exactly 10 steps north. Turn to the east and jump
forward 3 times. Now when you got to a train, the cars will be hotdogs.

Psychedelic Gang Cars: Repeat the first 2 steps as you would for the train code, but instead of turning east, turn west and jump forward only once, now the gang cars will be flashing different colors.

Good Humor Truck (pistol required): Make sure you are facing north, take exactly 15 steps backwards. Shoot the first person you see that walks onto the screen from the north, you need to
hit him with one and only one bullet. Now all of the ice-cream trucks will look like traditional good humor vans.

The cops can be your friend, especially when you're in rival gang territory and you need some additional firepower. Make sure there's a cop around when the gang attacks you. As long as you don't shoot back, the police will attack the rival gang, effectively providing you with cover.

Weapon pickups regenerate. If you're not under a time limit, hang out until a weapon respawns, then pick it up for more ammo.
Collect the little GTA2 logos to unlock bonus missions.

Be on the lookout for ramps. To see where the ramps lead, get a good head start to build up some speed. They almost always send you somewhere that has a special bonus.

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