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          Cheat Codes For The Mortal Combat Series

                                     Mortal Kombat 1 & 2

*Hit F10 to access the setup menu.
Press SHIFT while typing D-I-P.
Now you can toggle the dipswitch menu.

SWITCH 1: toggles fatalities.
SWITCH 2: toggles blood.
SWITCH 3: toggles comic book offer.
SWITCH 4: toggles computer fatalities.
SWITCH 5: toggles freeplay.

Mortal Kombat II cheat for the PC :-

while the game is starting, press F10 to get to the setup screen. Hold down shift, and type DIP, and turn all switches to ON, then save and exit. Restart the game and type AICULEDSSUL at the black and whitecredits screen while the game is loading. you will hear a weird sound if you did it right. Then at the Acclaim Logo screen, press the F9 key, and a menu will pop up giving you the option to enable things such as 1hit kills, level skips, choose opponent, and much more.

                                                    Mortal Kombat 3

Use these commands to start the game.

MK3 603015 Slow motion
MK3 8000 Turbo mode
MK3 12345 Tall characters
MK3 54321 Miniature characters
MK3 1111 Miniature characters that float
MK3 8888 Jumbo characters
MK3 1995 Invisible Kombat
MK3 831 Characters turn invisible
MK3 9966 Mirror mode
MK3 0666 Smoke enabled
MK3 1000000 Shao and Monty enabled
(only in 2 player mode)

                                                   Mortal Kombat 4

Enter one of the following codes to activate
the corresponding effect.

111-111 Random free weapon
555-555 Many free weapons
222-222 Start with random weapon
100-100 Disable throws
010-010 Disable maximum damage
110-110 Disable throws and max damage
444-444 Start with weapons drawn
666-666 Turn off music
050-050 Exploding looser
123-123 One hit win
060-060 No rain on Wind World
020-020 Red rain on Wind World
002-002 Players don't drop weapons
012-012 Noob Saibot Mode - must beat the game with Reiko first
001-001 Unlimited Run
321-321 Big head mode

Stage Select
011-011 Goro's Lair
022-022 The Well
033-033 Elder Gods
044-044 The Tomb
055-055 Wind World
066-066 Reptile's Lair
101-101 Shaolin Temple
202-202 Living Forest
303-303 The Prison
313-313 Ice Pit

Alternate costumes:
Press Start and any action button to rotate the select screen pictures two times to enable each character's second costume, except for Sonya and Tanya. The select screen pictures must be
rotated three times for those characters.

Fight as Meat:
Enter "Group Mode" and successfully complete the game with all sixteen characters. After this has been accomplished, select any character and begin a match. Your character will playing as Meat with all the moves of the character that was selected.

Fight as Goro:
Successfully complete the game with Shinnok. Enter the character selection screen, choose the HIDDEN icon using RUN, and keep holding it, then press UP, UP, UP , LEFT to highlight Shinnok's icon, and press BLOCK while still holding RUN.

Fight as Noob Saibot:
Successfully complete the game with Reiko. Enter the 012 012 Kombatcode in versus mode. Exit this match and enter the character selection screen, choose the HIDDEN icon using RUN, and keep holdingit, then press UP, UP, LEFT to highlight Reiko's icon, and press BLOCK while still holding RUN.

Noob Saibot fatality:
Press pressed Down, Forward, High Punch when close to your opponent at the "Finish him!" screen. Noob Saibot will grab the opponent's arms, then kicks them in the torso. Their body will fall apart into several pieces and the head will stay in the air for a short time spinning around before dropping to the ground.

Single player stage select:
Enter the "Practice" menu and select the stage that appears prior to the desired stage that you wish to start at. Start a practice mode match, then immediately quit. Start a single player game to
begin at the desired stage.

Moves List
LP - Low Punch
HP - High Punch
LK - Low Kick
HK - High Kick
BL - Block
F - Forward
D - Crouch
B - Back

Fireball [F,B,HP]
Stomp [F,F,B,HK]
Lunge Kick [B,B,HK]
Swipe [F,F,HP]
Juggle Uppercut [D,D,HP]

Weapon [F,F,HP] (Weird Blade)
Cannonball Roll [B,F,LK]
Ground Shaker [B,D,B,HK]
Projectile [D,B,LP]
Vertical Roll [F,D,F,HP]
Fatality #1 [F,B,F,F,LK]
Fatality #2 (outside sweep) [U,U,F,F,BL]
Fan Fatality [F,D,F,HK]
Spike Fatality [B,F,F,LP]

alternate outfit: white shirt/pants
Weapon [D,F,HP] (Spiked Klub)
Energy Wave [F,F,D,LK]
Dash Punch [D,B,LP]
Backbreaker [BLK ^]
Fireball [D,F LP]
Fatality #1 [(LK)3secF,F,D,F rel]
Fatality #2 [B,F,F,D,BL]
Fan Fatality [F,F,B,LK]
Spike Fatality [F,F,B,HP]

Johnny Cage
alternate outfit: Bond-esque tux
Weapon [F,D,F,LK] (Weird Blade 2)
Shadow Kick [B,F,LK]
High Fireball [D,F,HP]
Uppercut [B,D,B,HP]
Low Fireball [D,B,LP]
Crotch Punch [BLK+LP]
Fatality #1 [F,B,D,D,HK]
Fatality #2 [D,D,F,D,BLK]
Fan Fatality [D,D,F,F,HK]
Spike Fatality[B,F,F,LK]

alternate outfit: leather jacket/shades
Weapon [D,B,LP] (Kali Dagger)
Fallin Fireball[B,B,HP]
Rising Fireball [F,F,LP]
Turbo Air Fist [D,F,HP]
Super RoundHouse[D,F,LK]
Handstand [BLK+LK](LP)spin)LK/HK(kicks)BL(standup)
Fatality #1 [U,F,U,B,HK]
Fatality #2 (outside sweep) [U,U,U,D,BL]
Fan Fatality [F,F,D,BLK]
Spike Fatality [B,F,D,HK]

Liu Kang
Alternate outfit: headband/karate outfit
Weapon [B,F,LK] (Flamberge` Sword)
Fireball [F,F,HP]
Low Fireball [F,F,LP]
Flying Kick [F,F,HK]
Bicycle Kick [(LK)+3secs release]
Fatality #1(Sweep)[Fx3,D,HK+LK+BLK]
Fatality #2 [F,D,D,U,HP]
Fan Fatality [F,F,B,LP]
Spike Fatality [F,F,B,HK]

Noob Saibot
alternate outfit: hood
Weapon [F,F,HK] (Scythe)
Fireball [D,F,LP]
Spike Fatality [F,D,F,HK]

Quan Chi
Weapon [D,B,HK] (Mace)
Air Throw [BLK ]
Tele-Stomp [F,D,LK]
Skull Fireball [F,F,LP]
Dash Kick [F,F,HK]
Weapon Steal [F,B,HP]
Fatality #1 [(LK)5sec F,D,F,rel]
Fatality # 2(outside sweep)[U,U,D,D, LP]
Fan Fatality [F,F,D HP]
Spike Fatality [F,F,B,LK]

alternate outfit: blue sleeves
Weapon [F,B,HP] (Wooden Mallet)
Torpedo [F,F,LK]
Teleport [D,U]
Electric Spark [D,B,LP]
Fatality #1 [BL(F,B,U,U,HK)]
Fatality #2 [D,U,U,U,HP]
Fan Fatality [D,F,B,BLK]
Spike Fatality [F,F,D,LP]

Weapon [D,B,HP] (Spiked Klub)
Teleport/Slam [D,U ]~~[BLK (when close, to slam)]
Spin Behind [B,F,LK]
Flip Kick [B,D,F,HK]
Ninja Stars [D,F LP]
Fatality #1[F,D,F,LP+BLK+HK+LK]
Fatality #2 (outside sweep)[B,B,D,D,HK]
Fan Fatality [D,D,B,LP]
Spike Fatality[F,F,D,LK]

alternate outfit: old ninja costume
Weapon [B,B,LK] (Battle Axe)
Acid Bubbles [D,F,HP]
Dashing Punch [B,F,LP]
Invisibility [BLK+HK]
Super Krawl [B,F,LK]
Fatality #1[(HP+HK+LP+LK) U]
Fatality #2(outside sweep)[U,D,D,D,HP]
Fan Fatality [D,F,F,LP]
Spike Fatality [D,D,F,HK]


alternate outfit: grey without mask
Weapon [F,F,HK] (Broad Sword)
Spear [B,B,LP]
Teleport Punch [D,B,HP]
Air Throw [BLK ]
Flame Breath [D,F,LP]
Fatality #1 (sweep)[B,F,F,B,BL]
Fatality #2 [B,F,D,U,HP]
Fan Fatality [F,F,D,D,LK]
Spike Fatality [B,F,F,LK]

Weapon [B,F, LP] (Nagimaki or Bladed Staff)
Fatality #1 [D,B,F,D,RN]
Fatality #2 [D,U,U,D,BL]
Fan Fatality [D,D,F,HK]
Spike Fatality [D,F,B,HP]

Impersonation Moves:
Jarek [B,B,B,LK]
Kai [F,F,F,LK]
Sub [D,B,LP]
Liu [B,B,F,HK]
Fujin [F,F,B HK]
Scorp [F,B,LP]
Sonya [F,D,F,HP]
Raiden [D,F,F,HP]
Quan [F,B,F,LK]
Tanya [B,F,D,BLK]
Reptile [B,B,F,BLK]
Reiko [B,B,B,BLK]
Cage [D,D,HP]
Jax [F,D,F,HK]

alternate outfit: pink uniform w/o hat
Weapon [F,F,LK] (Blade Wheel)
Fireball [D,F,LP]
Leg Grab [D+LP+BLK]
Sq-Wave Punch [F,B,HP]
Vert. Bike Kick[B,B,D,HK]
Air Throw [BLK ]
Front Flip Kick[B,D,F,LK]
Fatality #1(sweep)[D,D,D,U,RN]
Fatality #2(outside sweep) [U,D,D,U,HK]
Fan Fatality [D,D,B,B,HK]
Spike Fatality [F,D,F,HP]

alternate outfit: half-frozen
Weapon [D,F,HK] (Ice Wand)freeze with it [B+LP]
Ice Blast [D,F,LP]
Ice Clone [D,B,LP]
Slide [LP+BLK+LK]
Fatality #1 [F,B,F,D,HP+BL+RN]
Fatality #2 (outside sweep) [B,B,D,B+HP]
Fan Fatality [D,U,U,U,HK]
Spike Fatality [D,D,D,LK]

Alternate uniform: black dress
Weapon [F,F,HK] (Boomerang)
Fireball [D,F,HP]
In Air Fireball [D,B,LP]
Splits Kick [F,D,B,LK]
Corkscrew Kick [F,F,LK]
Fatality #1 [D,D,U,D,HP+BLK]
Fatality #2 [D,F,D,F,HK]
Fan Fatality [B,F,D,HP]
Spike Fatality [F,F,F,LP]

                                              Mortal Kombat Trilogy
At the story line screen, press RUN-BLK-BLK-RUN-HP-LP. You'll hear Shao Kahn say, ""Outstanding."" Now press Start and go to the Options screen. You'll see a block with a blue question mark with the following secret options: Level Select, Throwing, Unlimited Run, Bloody Kombat, Smoke, Khameleon. You can toggle these on and off.

Play with Chameleon
*To play with Chameleon: You have to select a ninja ( Scorpion, OLD Sub-Zero, Reptile, Rain,
Noob Saibot, Human Smoke or Ermac) and hold Low-Punch and High-Punch and anything else.

Background Select
At the character select screen, highlight Sonya and press Up+Start. After you select your character, you can then toggle through the backgrounds to choose the one you want.

Classic Characters
To access the Classic characters highlight Jax, Kano, Kung Lao or Raiden and press the SELECT button (7 or X by default.)

Level Select
To activate the level select, players 1 or 2 must highlight Sonya Blade at the character select screen and hold Up + Enter or Up + Z until the screen shakes.

Random Select
At the character select screen hold up+start (z by default) or hold up+start (enter by default.)

Weird Numbers
Press the "N" default key to display some type of coordinates at the bottom of the screen.

Game Tips

Game play can be rather awkward with a two- or four-button joystick/gamepad. Make sure you
have at least a six-button controller to get the most out of the game.

The violence can be toned down by turning "Blood" off at the options menu. It isn't password protected, though, so don't be surprised if junior (who knows more about computers than you do) circumvents your censorship plans.

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