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Home       Hi my name is Randeep. I'm in my early 20's and am still studying. In real life I'm pretty boring guy.  I'm interested in computers and few other thing . I will tell you in brief about the things which  interest me  :-

   Music :- I'm more inclined towards string instruments like guitar , banjo , sitar etc. I don't     really  understand beats, but I listen to all kinds of music be it reggae, pop, rock, blues, blue grass or country ( Infact there was time when I would not even chat to a person who did not like country music). but I kind of always drift back towards classical guitar. With no words to disturb and nice rhythm in the background I'm able to think clearly as well.

   Cartoons :-  My favorite characters are daffy, bugs bunny, tweety, Donald duck. I don't like to watch cartoons that are made these days cos I don't think they make them as well as they used to.

   Comics :- I always been a Asterix and Obelix fan and there not many strips which match up to these guys.

   Movies :- I watch lot of kung fu and westerns . My favorite star is "Jackie Chan". I have watched nearly all his movies. his best work was in "Dr canton and lady rose". In westerns I like mostly those comedy westerns that Bud Spencer and Terrance Hill used to make. you know movies like "I am nobody" etc. One can never get bored watching those movies. by far the best character that I have seen in a movie is "Rocky" in the rocky series portrayed by "Sylvester Stallone", infact another movie of his that I really like is "Oscar". that was one good comedy. you should check it out and tell me what you think of it.

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