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      For quite some time, I have been visiting the same sites again and again, So I thought may be you will like to see some of them too. so checkout these links ;-)

      Cool site of the day => This site features a new site daily and you will find some really good site through this. also check out the previous site of the days.
      The register => This site gives technology news and views on current events. overall most of the articles are  quite well written. but what you should check out is BOFH section. just guess what BOFH means.

      The Free Site => This is the Place you want to go if you want to find anything free i.e. whether its free servers, free e-books , etc

      Click Online => There is a program on BBC called "click online". So just check out there online site. you can also watch the program online. that is if you have a fast connection.

      Zdnet => This is the place to go, if you are looking for technology related news, views, articles, reviews etc.

    Google news => Not many people use the news option in google but I find it very useful see for your self.

      One Across => Not able to solve the puzzles that come in the news papers. This is the site that u are looking for.

      Dumb laws => As the name suggest this site is all about dumb laws. What were these guys thinking passing all these laws.

      Computer Stupidities => Read about how user's are baffled by the computers and their stupid enquiries, questions and reactions.

      News Museum => Great site to check out. Its a museum made for the news. They have links to good newspapers websites too.

      Manga => Learn how to draw those Manga cartoons. This place has some really good tutorials.

      Web Developer => Where Web Developers and Designers Learn How to Build Web Sites, Program in Java and JavaScript, and More!

      Flash Kit => Learn everything about flash here. Great tutorials , the community is very helpful and in all probability there will be some one who will be able to help you with your problem.

      Suse Linux And RedHat Linux => Official websites of two Great Flavors of Linux that i have personally used and liked.

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