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                       Cheat Code for Fifa Series

                                 Fifa International Soccer '96

Special teams:
Select the "Quit To DOS" option on the game selection screen. Type xplay [Return] during the credits. The "Friendly Game" menu will appear with five extra teams (All Nighters, As Designed, Strontium 90, The Gimps, and the Rod Benders) called the EA Superstars. Some players on these teams have special abilities.

Enhanced play modes:
Enter the "Friendly Team" selection menu. Assign Vancouver in the USA League to the team on the left. Assign Canada in the International League to the team on the right. Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Insert] to display the "Enhanced Play Modes" menu. Once activated, this menu may be displayed by pressing [F1]. This menu contains the following options.

Ball Size (Normal/Big/Bigger/Biggest)
Ball Personality (Normal/Curve Ball/Crazy Ball)
Invisible Walls (Disabled/Enabled)
Team A/B Size (Normal/Big Player/Big Team)
Jersey (Normal/Beefcake/Suspenders/Muscle Shirt/Invisible Man)
Goalie (Normal/Lame)
Players (Normal/Super Goalie/Super Defense/Super Offense/Super Team)
Shots (Normal/Super)

                                                      Fifa 97

Wanna play dirty?
On the screen 'Controller Select', choose the keyboard.
On that screen, press [Q].

During play, you can now press [Q], [W], [R] to kick, hit, your opponents.

                                                    FIFA 99

"SHOT" at the team list menu for a dog in the game.It can work only when you choose MANCHESTER UNITED.

Play as Atlanta Attack
To play as the Atlanta Attack, beat the Champions Cup with Brazil on Professional level.

Bash Opponents.
To bash your opponents (injure them) you have to do the following:

Turn bookings off.
Go to the referees strictness, make it defined and pull
the bar left.

Put offside off.
When you're playing start pressing Q to the players, this will make your players bash the opposition without getting a card or a free kick.

Finding Ronaldo.
Ronaldo can be found as G. Silva on Inter Milan and Brazil

Secret moves.
Press these keys while playing the game. secret moves:

Alt+A -           Rainbow kick
Alt+S -           Drag the ball
Alt+D -          Spin
Alt+Q -          Fake a trip
Alt+E -           Double step-over
W      -           Sprint

Winter Intro
Type win repeatedly while the game loads

New Teams
When the opening sequence starts up, type in iwantmorefun within 5 secs. Then, when in team selector, you will find that all teams have the choice of new and old teams, ALL new kits, and the Spice Girls team!
Game Tips
Tip 1
There's something deadly about corner kicks taken low and very hard, almost straight across the dead ball line. To enhance your chances of success, make sure you move a man close to the near post, right in front of the goalkeeper. Once the corner is taken, punch the shoot button and you
may just find the ball squeaking between goalie and post. And if that doesn't make it in, look for a tasty rebound. We estimate a 25 percent success ratio with this play (at the Professional level, no less).

Tip 2
Taking a cue from tip 1, late crosses from extremely deep in the corner are one of the surest ways of setting up scoring opportunities, especially if you've placed four or five players up front. This is even more applicable in FIFA 99 than in previous versions, simply because CPU- controlled players now move more aggressively to open spots.

Tip 3
Wanna win in World Class mode? Then get a handle on the advanced Skill modes available on buttons 7 and 8 of the controller. Of course, it almost goes without saying that an eight-button game pad is no longer a luxury for this

Tip 3
Remembering tip 3, pay careful attention to the Flick-over and the Step-over Nutmeg. These advanced moves will get both your player and the ball up and over an attacker's slide tackle, something you'll have to do all the time in the difficult Professional and World Class modes.

Tip 4
The frequency of good scoring chances multiplies with increased offensive zone possession. In other words, keep the ball in the other team's half of the field and you'll get more than your share of goals and scoring opportunities.

Tip 5
Altering team strategies constantly throughout a match will throw the opposition into some disarray. Again, you'll need an eight-button pad because you can't even access FIFA's
In-Game Management utility with a two- or four-button controller.

Tip 6
Several cameras offer a better look at the beautiful players EA has created for FIFA 99, but the F8 overhead view gives you the widest read of the proceedings, a necessity for intelligent
play composition.

                                           FIFA 2000: Major League Soccer

Enter one of the following option menu codes to
activate cheat function.
Code Result
MOMONEY -  Unlimited Bankroll
HOOLIGAN -  Bonus Teams
BURNABY -    EAC Pitch
SIZZLE -           Lightening Mode
DIZZY -            Alien Mode
LIGHTSOUT -  Glow Mode

Finding Robbie Williams:
Enable the "Bonus teams" code. Robbie Williams may be found on the Special Guests team in the Rest Of The World listing.

Finding Pele :
Pele may be found in the game as No. 10 and plays for a Classic Brazilian team side, Santos '62-'63 and the Classic Brazilian national team (Brazil '58 and Brazil '70).

Finding Ronaldo:
Ronaldo may be found in the game as No. 9 and plays for the Italian side, Inter Milan and the Brazilian national team.

Finding Romario :
Romario may be found in the game as No. 11 and plays for a Brazilian team side, Flamengo.

Finding Youri Djorkaeff:
Youri Djorkaeff may be found as No. 14 on the German side, Kaiserslautern.

Black & White mode:
Choose two classic teams to play with and screen will turn Black & White.

Orange mode:
Choose one classic and one "original" team to play with and the screen will turn Orange.

How to score an easy goal:
When you're inside the penalty area alone with your opposition's goalie, push the CTRL button quickly when the keeper is going down to take the ball. If you do it right and your timing is right you'll jump over the keeper and you can just walk with the ball into the goal.

How to make your opposition score a goal:
Do the same thing, just stop the ball on the line. Then a defender will tackle you and you know the rest.

How to score on free kicks right outside the penalty area:
Tap the DOWN button two times. DON'T PUSH, just tap it. Then add maximum ball spin at the outside of the wall. DON'T MOVE THE AIMING ARROW!!! Press S until the green arrow is full. 95% of my free kicks taken like this go in.PS: If you're more than about 25 meters away from the goal, don't add that much ball spin.NOTE: The further from the goal you get your free kick, the harder it is to score!

In FIFA, the program rewards goals and opportunities to the player who puts on the most pressure. Ball possession, time spent in the offensive zone, and a large number of
shots on goal (no matter how weak they may be) all contribute to the ease with which program-controlled defenses break down and shots find the back of the net.

Resist the urge to wildly switch players when under pressure in your own zone. Instead, maintain control of one player and press button 3 (the "gentle" tackle button) in rapid fashion. Because the program itself moves players to mark the ball carrier, any player who comes in contact with the ball will be ready to steal it.

One of the best ways to move a ball around a tight defense is the button 1 lob pass, simply because nobody can steal it when it's in mid-air. Also, your intended recipient will almost
always have more time, and experience less defensive pressure, when moving into position for a slow aerial ball than for a streaking ground ball.

Once you're reasonably competent, set the referee strictness to Maximum. AI-controlled teams are usually quite aggressive, as are most new human players.

If you're sprinting into the box with a defender nipping at your toes from behind, don't shoot. Instead, let him drag you down he almost always will--and you'll reap the benefits of a penalty kick. Your chances of scoring from the spot are infinitely better than when you're hurtling in with defenders all around.

                                                       Fifa 2001

Cheat Mode:
Type at the Main Menu:

Code Result
Gimmethemoney - Add Money
Playersmaybe -      Free Players
Bigheads -             Big Head Mode
Playersarelocked - Players on Opposite Team Cannot Move

If you find yourself having trouble scoring goals after awhile, change up your lines and strategies. A constant variety throws the computer off. Unless you love red cards, don't overuse the power slide. Don't be afraid to utilize the game's variety of kicks for all their effectiveness; sometimes a goal-shot-strength kick is all you need to clear the ball out of your goal area.

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