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                Cheat Codes For MS Flight Simulator

                                  Microsoft Flight Simulator '98

Slew mode
Press Y in flight or before take-off.
Then, press [F4] to increase altitude,
[F3] to decrease altitude, [F2] to move
forward, and [F1] to stop. The cursor
keys may also be used to move the aircraft.
Press Y to resume normal flight.

                                    Microsoft Flight Simulator `2000
Flying the Concorde demands that you carefully monitor the aircraft's fuel distribution to ensure a proper center of gravity for supersonic flight. Keep the fuel panel window (Shift-4) permanently displayed over the regular instrument panel so you can quickly pump fuel reserves as needed to maintain the correct center of gravity.
Turning on the axis indicator from the View Options pull-down menu permits you to line up your final approaches with much greater precision. Having a small, red V in the middle of your windshield to denote the plane's centerline helps to make those touchdowns a little more accurate.

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