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                   Cheat Code For Midtown Madness Series

 You Can download the players zipped Directory extract it and replace it with the original file in the game folder  of midtown madness 2 . you will get all the cars unlocked .To download The file   click here  

                              Midtown Madness
Player Name Cheats:
Change your player name to the following by clicking
"New" in the player selection screen.

Cheats marked with *NO SCORE* will disable race result
monitoring and score. You cannot unlock new vehicles
with these enabled (for obvious reasons).

Code Result
Showme Cops - Displays all Police Units on the map. *NO SCORE*
Big Bus Party - All traffic vehicles are city busses. *NO SCORE*
Tiny Car - All traffic vehicles are compact cars. *NO SCORE*
amizdA eoJ - All traffic vehicles drive around IN REVERSE.
Jet Planes - All traffic vehicles are Air Planes. *NO SCORE*
Warp Eleven - All AI is 10x faster. *NO SCORE*

Easter Eggs:
Also entered as the player name. Only available in single
player "Cruise Mode". These codes activate the corresponding
new vehicle.

Code Result
"vasedans" & Pick the Cadillac - Generic car
"vasedanl" & Pick the Bullet - Generic light car
"vavan" & Pick the Ford F350 - The van
"vadiesels" & Pick the City Bus - The Diesel
"vacompact" & Pick the VW Bug - Rabbit-type compact car
"vapickup" & Pick the Ford F350 - Pickup truck
"vabus" & Pick the City Bus - Bus with new paint job
"vadelivery" & Pick the Ford F350 - Delivery truck
"valimo" & Pick the Mustang GT - Random limo
"valimoblack" & Pick the Mustang GT - Black limo
"valimoangel" & Pick the Mustang GT - White limo
"vataxi" & Pick the Cadillac - Yellow cab
"vataxicheck" & Pick the Cadillac - Green checkered cab
"vaboeing_small" & Pick the City Bus - Mini-jet

In-Game Cheats:
Press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-F7 until a box appears on the screen. Type the codes below. These only work in Single Player mode.

Code Result
/nodamage - No damage mode. *NO SCORE*
/damage - Damage back on.
/dizzy - Spinning sky.
/fuzz - Toggles cop radar. *NO SCORE*
/bridge - Bridge very quickly. *NO SCORE*
/ufo - Replace planes with UFOs.
/swap - Swap the train with a string of 737s.
/slide - Ambient cars have no friction. *NO SCORE*
/puck - Player experiences no friction. *NO SCORE*
/grav - Half gravity. *NO SCORE*
/postal - Horn fires mailboxes. *NO SCORE*
/talkfast - Commentary plays fast.
/talkslow - Commentary plays slow.
/big - Big people.
/tiny - Tiny people.
/nosmoke - Wheel / Damage smoke off.
/smoke - Wheel / Damage smoke on.

Add these command-line switches to activate cheat modes:

-allrace - Access to All Races
-allcars - Access to All Cars

"C:\Midtown\midtown.exe" -allcars -allrace

Hex Cheat:
First, one has to open the file in the Midtown madness directory. At the bottom of the file, one can find the different things such as the placing in the race required to unlock the next set of races as well as how many races it unlocks. There is also the stuff where you can choose how many races you must complete to unlock the cars such as the Panoz GTR-1. Below are the exact co-ordinates of the different vehicles (the offsets may vary in different hex editors, but not by much):
The placing in the race to unlock the next race - 012f7b36
How many races it unlocks at once - 012f7b4a
VW New Beetle - 012f7b5e
City Bus - 012f7c30
Cadillac Eldorado - 012f7d02
Ford Mustang Cruiser - 012f7dde
Ford F-350 - 012f7eb0
Ford Mustang Fastback - 012f782
Ford Mustang GT - 012f805e
Panoz GTR-1 - 012f813a
Panoz Roadster - 012f822a
Freightliner Century - 012f82fc

Just read from the ANSI text part and edit what one wants. Basically, what everyone whould want is to unlock every vehicle. Simple. Just set the "Unlock Flags" part to "Unlock Flags=0" or 00. In the Panoz GTR-1, set the unlock score to 0000. Even an amateur can drive that
car then. It should be pretty simple to edit what one wants other than that.

No timer in Blitz mode:
This cheat makes the timer in blitz mode disappear. It also makes the dashbord disappear. When you are starting the race press your view button and go inside the car. When you are inside look back and while you are doing that press your view button again. Now the timer will be gone. But if you want your time registered, you simply go in the car and just look back. The timer will be running again.This code can also be used on any other race to get a very good time.

-Game Tips-
Tip: If you're finding traffic hard to navigate, get off the road and onto the sidewalk. Most of the vehicles can drive quite nicely on the sidewalks between the guardrails and the lampposts, and you'll find a clear path (this works very well out on Navy Pier). Also, don't worry about crashing into those massive checkpoint posts on the sidewalk--they're invisible (collision-wise) to your vehicle.

Tip: If you get into a bump-and-grind situation with an AI car, you'll find yourself losing most of the tussles, even if you have the bigger vehicle. The best tactic is to quickly sideswipe the car, and then swerve away. If you time it right, you can bump the car into oncoming traffic or a building.

Tip: The AI-controlled drivers always stay on the road, which means that you'll have great  opportunities to cut a few corners here and there (remember, Chicago has plenty of parks!). When you're off-road driving, slow down a bit and try not to make any turns. If you try anything wild on the soft grass, you'll probably spin out and lose any advantage you might have gained.
Tip: To win a race, especially a Checkpoint race, you need to know the course. Take on the course in one of the heavier vehicles with no cops and limited traffic, and you'll maximize your chances of making it through the course and learning all of the possible shortcuts. You won't win, but you'll gain vital knowledge that will help you when you go back into the race with
a performance vehicle and full obstacles in place.

Tip: Vehicle damage is your enemy! There are so many things to hit during the course of the race that you'll often find yourself with a wheel less, smoking hulk of a car before you can finish the
race. Try to save your damage points for when you really need them (such as making that jump across Navy Pier) and avoid hitting too many lampposts.

View damage:
There is a damage meter in almost all of the cars. You must have the view set to "In-Car", with the dashboard showing. The meter has yellow to the left and red on the right. The meter goes up as you crash into objects. In most cars, except the Panoz Roadster, it will be in the lower left of the dashboard.

Overhead view:
Select any smaller vehicle. Repeatedly press C during game play until you cannot see your car. Press V, then press [Esc] to restart the race, then press V again.
Drive 999 mph:
Select single player mode and choose a big car. Start the game, go to any alley, get wedged between two walls, and accelerate. If done correctly, you will reach 999 mph.

Disable blitz mode timer:
Press [View] when a race starts to switch to the in-the-car camera. While inside, look back and press [View] again. If done correctly, the dashboard and timer will disappear. To start the timer again, enter the car and look back again.

Drive on building:
There is a dotted square on the middle part the map. Go straight down the top dotted line and try to go around at top speed with a light weight car. There will be a ramp when you get to the end of the road. Hit that ramp and your car will jump very high. Try heading for the building on the
left. If you succeed, you will be on top of the building and the background will glitch. This jump is possible, but difficult to pull off.

Drive bus on roof:
Drive the City Bus into McCormick Place and into the garage area. Drive up one of the ramps on the inside. If done correctly, you will be on the roof. Note: This cheat works best with the dashboard or external view.
Invisible car:
Press [View] to select the furthest view. Then, press D to return to the in-the-car-camera. Type wvvww to remove the car, leaving only the shadow in the view.

Wheels only:
Select the Panoz AIV Roadster, then press D followed by V during game play. Press [Esc] to restart the race and only the wheels of your car will be displayed.

Game Tip:
Easy way to get away from the cops is to wait till the bridge goes up and drop into the water and start over

                                              Midtown Madness 2
To access all cars remove from your MM2 folder/players/
all files accept one file - players.dir and folders London & SF.

Cheat Menu:
Remember all the cheat menu in Midtown Madness 1? You won't need to press Control, Alt, Shift, F7 at the same time. JUST PRESS "Y" for Midtown Madness 2.

All Cars:
When you are racing type "y". then type in Midtowncars -then go to end race and when you try to pick a car all of them will be there.

No Damage:
When you are racing type "y". then type in damagefree -then go to end race and when you try to pick a car all of them will be there.

Get Panoz GTR-1:
In the London checkpoint races get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place or get 1st if using professional mode

New Car Textures:
Pick the Volkswagen Beetle Rsi and press [Up] on the color list while on the top color to see the MS Race texture.

Different Mini Cooper.
In the London Blitz races get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place or get 1st if using professional mode

American Lafrance Fire Truck:
In the 5 San Francisco Blitz races get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place or get 1st if using professional mode

Get Aston Martin DB7 Vantage:
Go to the the London Crash Course and get first place.

Alternate Beetle Dune:
In the 5 San Francisco Circuit races get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place or get 1st if using professional mode

Audi TT:
In the 6 San Francisco Checkpoint races get 1st, 2nd or 3rd place or get 1st if using professional mode

Alternate Beetle Rsi:
Go to the San Francisco Crash Course and get first place.
Timers Stopped:
While doing any race that is timed you can stop the time by: pressing F2 and then Q and then Q again. The time will be paused until you press F2 again. NOTE: There will be no arrow pointing to the next checkpoint. Do this at the beginning of the Blitz race or Checkpoint Race or whatever.

Use the map, Luke. There's no telling what sort of predicament you'll get yourself into if you don't get accustomed to glancing at the map all the time.

Map the handbrake to a very convenient joystick button and acquire enough skill to use it for all your sharp cornering needs.

The VW New Beetle RSi is a very adept automobile great through the turns and surprisingly powerful on the straights. You'll have to unlock it, but the game allows you to do so early in the proceedings.

Use a manual tranny rather than the automatic, and turn the rear-view mirror to On.

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