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             Cheat Codes For Need For Speed Series

                                                Need for Speed 1

Cheating isn't easy in this one. First you need to win the tournament. You will get a bonus
track (Las Vegas). When you win the second tournament you will get these codes :
EAC POWR : Bonus car EAC WARP : Game play gets speed upEAC RALY : Rusty Springs becomes Egyptian
These have to be entered exactly like written above, for the
player name.

                                                    Need for Speed 2

BUS School Bus
SEMI Tractor Trailer
VWFB Volkswagen Fastback
VWBUG Volkswagen Beetle
VANAGON Volkswagen Van
MIATA Mazda Miata
MERCEDES Mercedes-Benz
VOLVO Volvo Station Wagon
ARMYTRUCK Mercedes Unimog Army Truck
SNOWTRUCK Mercedes Unimog Snow Truck
LANDCRUISER Toyota Landcruiser
QUATTRO Audi Quattro
PIONEER Give all cars better engines, brakes and handling
COMMANCHE Comanche Pick-up Truck
HOLLYWOOD Get the secret track

At the main menu type in
drive29 Monolithic Studio Bus
drive30 Limo
drive31 Citreon 2cv
drive36 cart
drive37 Outhouse
drive38 T-Rex
drive39 wagon
drive40 Sovenir stand 1
drive41 Sovenir stand 2
drive42 Sovenir stand 3
drive43 log
drive44 wooden crate
drive45 Monorail
drive46 Hover Police
drive47 U.F.O.
drive48 Hovering Sewage Truck
drive49 Snowy Wooden Box 1
drive50 Snowy Wooden Box 2
redracer Ford Indigo

While you wait for the race to start where it shows the track hold "n" and when you begin the race you will drive in the dark.

                                                  Need for Speed 2 SE
In the main menu type FZR2000 You will get the fastest car in the game.


Code Result
vip - Makes all vehicles (including traffic) limousines.
slip - Enables super slip 'n' slid mode. Makes the cars skid more than usual. Cooks some awesome doughnuts!
tombstone - Bonus car
bomber - Bonus car
rushhour - ?
fzr2000 - SUPER bonus car
pioneer - Pioneer mode, very FAST
hollywood - Secret track

Night mode - To enable night mode (headlights not included), hold down the "n" key on your keyboard while the course is loading. So, when you hit "Race", a loading screen will appear. Hold "n" until the loading screen disappears.

Invisible walls:
1) This cheat works only with Mediterranneo and Mystic Peaks. Start the race, and then find a smackable object, such as a crate or Souvenir stand. 2) Reverse into it at 40mph (65 km/h) or more, with your hornblaring. This will enable the cheat mode. 3) Drive off any side barrier at 100mph (160 km/h) or more, and you'll go flying! You will be placed back on the track shortly

Rushhour:makes all cars what ever you are and there are
lots of them.

go51: makes you a block of rock.
go29: makes you a bus.




(3D )


                                                Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit
You can do like if you wanna make a new car. then you go to two player and you get the 1st controller would be the cop, and 2nd you get to pick any car right and then don't use the
2nd controller use the 1st so you can catch em easily right. And that's all

Type the cheats below at any menu to activate the cheat.

Code Result
rushhour - Race with lots of traffic on the road.
empire - Race on the Empire City track.
elnino - Race with the El Nino car.
merc - Race with the Mercedes CLK GTR.
gofast - Make your car go super fast in Single Race mode.
allcars - Enable all cars including Pursuit Vehicles.
jag - Race with Jaguar XJR-15.
spoilt - All Cars, All Tracks, El Nino-Auto
pioneercars - All Cars, also the Pursuit-Cars

text: Type bullhorn at the main menu
Result : Police will shout out messages when you are being chased


Type the cheats below then click RACE to drive the
different non-player cars.

go01 - Miata
go02 - Toyota Landcruiser
go03 - Cargo Truck
go04 - BMW 5 Series
go05 - 71 Plymouth Cuda
go06 - Ford Pickup with Camper Shell
go07 - Jeep Cherokee
go08 - Ford Fullsize Van
go09 - 64/65 Mustang
go10 - ~66 Chevy Pickup
go11 - Range Rover
go12 - School bus
go13 - Taxi - Caprice Classic
go14 - Chevy Cargo Van
go15 - Volvo Station Wagon
go16 - Sedan
go17 - Crown Victoria Cop Car
go18 - Mitsubishi Eclipse Cop Car
go19 - Grand Am Cop Car
go20 - Range Rover Cop Car/Ranger Vehicle
go21 - Cargo Truck (same as 03)

Country Woods shortcut:
There is a shortcut in the Country Woods track that can save 18 seconds on your time. It is located where the fence ends near a lot of trees.

Atlantica shortcut:
When you are at the split roads, stay to the right. A wooden passage will be visiable at the second split. Use the hand brake and turn into it. Then drive straight. You then have to
go left and then straight. After that, turn right.

More distance between the police:
After the police are on your tail, flip a U-turn by pressing [Space] (E-Brake) so you are heading right for them. Once you pass them, they will also turn around. Flip another U-turn and
quickly accelerate. Flipping the U-turn takes the police more time, and will give you a couple more seconds to get ahead of them.

                                                Need for Speed 4: High Stakes

Type these codes anywhere in the Main Menu:

Code Result
TP 00-15 - Drive As Traffic Cars
GOFAST - Upgrade Engine
MONKEY - Upgrade Automatic Transmission
MOON - Low Gravity
MADLAND - Super Human Opponents
HOTROD . Be titan(Verry funny)
FLASH . Phatom car.
WHIRLY . Now you are a helicopter.
NFS_PD . Extra police car.

If you want more cars go to

Code Result
BUY - Free Purchase
UP0 - No Upgrades
UP1 - First Upgrade
UP2 - 2nd Upgrade
UP3 - 3rd Upgrade
GATES - Cash Increase
ALLCARS . Now you have all the cars!
ALLTRACKS . You have all the tracks!
MONKEY . Gearbox foster.
GATES . Exta Money.
BUY . Cars for free.

Code Result
DCOP - Bonus Hot Pursuit Car
ECOP - Bonus Hot Pursuit Car
FCOP - Bonus Hot Pursuit Car

Code Result
ACAR - Bonus Car
BCAR - Bonus Car
CCAR - Bonus Car
CARS - All Cars
TRACKS - All Tracks
ALLTIERS - Open All Tiers
OUTMYWAY - Unknown
RESETYA - Unknown

Use any HEX editor to edit the file called PLAYERS.CDB which is located in the installed directory of Need for Speed 4 : High Stakes.
Normally the PLAYERS.CDB file is located in :"C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Need For Speed High Stakes\SaveData\DB"

Then go to offset 3E and put FF as HEX value.
Go to offset 3F and put 55 as the HEX value.
Now you'll get more than $3500000000!

Need for Speed 4: High Stakes

Tip 1:
Truly worthwhile shortcuts are few and far between. If winning is your priority, spend your time perfecting racing lines on the track and stay clear of reckless opponents.

Tip 2:
It takes some time to get in the distinctive Need for Speed groove. This is especially important for multiplayer games. You may leave the game overnight after a long and successful stint only to come back in the morning and play like a rookie. Play the game for at least half an hour before attempting any multiplayer High Stakes duel, where losing the game means losing your car.

Tip 3:
Successful High Stakes cornering is a specialized discipline. You really shouldn't worry about slowing well in advance of a turn. Instead, go in fairly hot, hit the brakes with extreme force for
just a moment or two while you begin to crank the wheel, and get right back on throttle again and power out.

Tip 4:
High Stakes cars respond well to torque. In other words, really work that gearshift to keep engine RPM in the optimum range--just over the redline. If you select an automatic tranny you will feel the ignominy of last place.

Tip 5:
Take a car with good grip and snappy handling over a high-speed monster any day. Of course, a top-of-the-line McLaren with full upgrades is always preferable to a stock Firebird. But if money is an issue, you can feel safe with a nicely upgraded B-level model in a field of A-level cars, especially on the more technical circuits.

Tip 6:
Fog, tire smoke, and dirt clouds can obliterate vision and slow the frame rate. Switch them off.

                                              Need for Speed V-Rally

As soon as the screen goes white for the Infogrames logo press Up, Down, Triangle, Circle, Up, Down, Triangle, then Circle. Once lock of appears on the screen press the following for extra cheats. The lock off cheat will let you select the Arcade Medium and Hard courses without having to complete the previous courses.

Cheat:How to use it:
Unlimited TimePress and hold Left + L1 to get infinite time on Arcade mode The race continues even if the checkpoints are not crossed before time expires, so you should have no trouble
going round backwards and crashing into the other drivers for a laugh. Narrow TracksPress and hold Left + L2. The Arcade tracks are now narrower as confirmed by the 'Narrow Tracks Loading' message before a race. These tracks are usually earned by completing the Arcade Hard courses when the difficulty level is set on Ace. You will need sharp eyes indeed to spot the slight difference between them and the normal tracks, but it is there.

JeepPress and hold Left + R1. A small Jeep will replace the Peugeot 106 Maxi (see below for
details of the jeep's performance). This cheat also activates the secret Rollercoaster track.
Restart RacePress and hold Left + R2 to allow an Arcade mode race to be restarted. This
effectively gives you infinite continues which should help when the computer-controlled bandits
run you off the road five yards from the finish line.

Debug ModePress Left then Right. Game debug information will be displayed. Press Start to
access a 'Memory' option that displays more information. Quite how useful this can be is a
mystery. Unless, of course, you happen to have programmed the game.

All CheatsIf you want the first four cheats active at the same time, simultaneously press
and hold Left + L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 when the 'Lock Off' message appears.

Toyota CelicaYes, it is in there, but there's no easy way to get it. You have to complete Arcade
and Championship on Pro level, coming first in each. Now use same car on first Arcade track
(Corsica) in Time Trial and set a lap record under 1 minute. The barrier on the left after
the start should disappear drive down the lane to obtain the Celica.

Rollercoaster TrackTo get this stomach-churning course, simply activate the cheat for the Jeep,
then select the 'Sweden 1' Championship track in Time Trial mode. The screen should say it's
loading the '????' stages to indicate you've accessed the secret circuit. The track itself is a real humdinger. You can put your foot down at the start as the two bends you come to are very slight, but as soon as you're on the viaduct, hit the brakes and slow right down. The reason for doing this is that the small bumps following it are extremely deadly - even a fraction of excessive speed can send you spinning, or worse make you crash into the invisible barrier that seems to cover the
top half of the screen.

When you're past this bit you can really put your foot down. Come out of the next hard left corner at high speed and head down the dip. Don't go too fast, though, as there's a sharp
right turn as you get to the tunnel. Cruise round the selection of corners and head up the
steep hill with the hammer down - avoid hitting the sides or you'll stall the engine and be
dragged to the bottom again. Be wary of losing control on your way down this mother of all
drops, as you'll be reaching speeds of 270 kph or more - we're talking terminal wipe-out if you
screw up.

Following this there's an even bigger hill for you drive up, and going down the other side is
no picnic as there are many lethal corners to negotiate. When you're past this nightmare
there's only a small dip and right bend to negotiate as you head for the finish line,
looking a bit green.

                                           Need For Speed: Porsche 2000

This is how I cheat in Porsche 2000
First make a backup of whatever you may change!!!

Go to:
1 Gamedata
2 Simulation
3 AIcardata

Copy 356.ais outside its folder. Then rename it to 356a.ais. Copy the renamed file back to the AIcardata folder.Next rename all in this manner. In short you give all cars the same characteristics as a Porsche 356.Don't rename vssver.scc though! In this way your racing opponents will drive very slowly, so You can win all!!

Enter create a player mode and enter one of the following

Effect Name

Small R/C cars - Gulliver
Smash-up derby mode in multiplayer1 - Smash Up
Drive with Rally physics - Dakar

Note: All cars drive on a skidpad. f you get 30% damage on all areas of your car (not including the roof or floor), you get knocked out.

                                          Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed

All cars and tracks:
Simply enter multi-player mode and select the "Peer To Peer" option, but race alone. You will be able to select any car on any track.

All cars:
In name selection type in "allporsche"

Remote control cars:
Make a new profile and name it Gulliver. If you type it right you will hear a special sound to confirm. This will make all the cars little remote controlled vehicles. To disable this cheat you must restart the game.

Unlimited money:
Purchase a used car and choose an "Overall" repair. When completed, the value of your car will be higher than the purchase price and the cost of the repairs. Sell the car, purchase another used car and repeat as needed.

To use these cheat codes, goto the main menu and click "Create Player" and type in the cheat for the name. Click "Done" (you'll hear a little confirmation sound). Then choose your regular profile and play the game!

The Porsches are all shrunk down to the size of radio controlled racers and have little antennas.

Smash Up
Using the Skidpad, Destruction Derby style racing nothing better than that!

Tired of Street Racing? Changes car physics and tracks to Rally style.

Enables cops in quick race (cops may not appear on all tracks: i.e.-Monaco).

Enables all cars to have 993 physics.

This cheat code makes cars way heavier.

Do not, repeat, do not, brake while in the midst of a turn, particularly when driving older automobiles. The EA version of an antique Porsche has a tendency, and probably rightly
so, to seriously rock your world if you do, sending you into a drift from which you may not recover. Instead, brake early, turn smoothly, and accelerate on the exit.

There's no better way of ridding oneself of an annoying police officer than by nudging him into a passing motorist or solid roadside object.

Alternate routes are not always shortcuts. If you find yourself consistently slow on a given course, check out all the routes available to you before resorting to a different setup.

Go with the "front bumper" camera for the best results. Here, the program doesn't have to pump out cockpit and driver animations, so the frame rate is generally faster. Also, you get a better sense of the speed at which you are traveling, so you'll be better prepared to slow down for
upcoming turns.

Torque rules. If you find yourself in a section where you can use a higher gear with lower RPM or a lower gear with high revs, go with the latter every time.

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