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                 Cheat Codes For The Quake Series


When you enter these cheats you'll need to bring up the CONSOLE or by using the (~) key or hit ESC, selecting Options and then Console. (this way takes to long!) Then your set to type in the following cheats to get what ever ya want!

GOD - god mode (don't use it too long,cuz it'll say "Jhon Doe has died of boredom!")
GIVE S - shotgun shells (replace ? w/ any # 255 or lower)
GIVE C - battery charge (replace ? w/ any # 255 or lower)
GIVE R - rockets (replace ? w/ any # 255 or lower)
GIVE N - nails (replace ? w/ any # 255 or lower)
GIVE H - health (replace ? w/ any # 999 or lower)
NOCLIP - allows ya 2 walk through walls
MAP E1M - warp to ? map (replace ? w/ #)
IMPULSE 255 - quad damage mode
NOTARGET - enemies don't see ya until you shot at em
FLY - ya can fly (use D key for up, C key for down)
IMPULSE 11 - gives you the jewels (1 for every time ya use it- you'll only need to use it 4 times)
SV_GRAVITY -50 -reduces gravity (repalce w/ any #)
Impulse 9 -

                                 Quake 2 Mission Pack: The Reckoning

Weapons and ammunition:
Press ~ to display the console, then type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding weapon.
give ionripper
give phalanx
give trap
give mag slug
give dualfire damage

Press ~ to display the console, then type map [level code] using the following information.

xswamp-The Swamps
xsewer2-Waste Sieve
xcompnd1-Outer Compound
xcompnd2-Inner Compound
xreactor-Core Reactor
xware-The Warehouse
xintell-Intelligence center
industry-Industrial Facility
outbase-Outer Base
w_treat-Water Treatment Plant
xhangar1-Lower Hangars
xhangar2-The Hangars
xship-Strogg Freighter
xmoon1-Cargo Bay

                Quake I - Missions Pack 1: Scourge of Armageddon

Level select
While playing a game, press ~ or ` to
enter the console, then type

"map HIPE[episode number]M[map number]"

and press [Enter].

Wetsuit mode
While playing a game, press ~ or ` to enter the console, then type "impulse 200" and press [Enter].

                                                             Quake II

Type in all cheats in the Quake II console (use ~ key to bring it up).

Code Description
g_unlimited_ammo 999 Unlimited ammo.
give all All weapons, items and full ammo.
give adrenaline Adrenaline.
give airstrike marker AirStrike marker.
give ammo Full ammo.
give ammo pack Ammo pack.
give ancient head Ancient head.
give armor 200 body armor.
give armor shard Armor shard.
give bandolier Bandolier.
give bfg10k BigFu*kingGun10k.
give blaster Blaster.
give blue key Blue key.
give body armor +1 body armor.
give bullets 50 bullets.
give cells 50 cells.
give chaingun Chaingun.
give combat armor Combat armor.
give commander's head Commander's head.
give data cd Data CD.
give data spinner Data spinner.
give environment suit Environment suit.
give grenade launcher Grenade launcher.
give grenades 5 grenades.
give health 100 health.
give jacket armor Jacket armor.
give machinegun Machinegun.
give power cube Power cube.
give power shield Power shield.
give pyramid key Pyramid key.
give quad damage Quad damage.
give railgun Railgun.
give rebreather Rebreather.
give red key Red key.
give rocket launcher Rocket launcher.
give rockets 5 rockets.
give security pass Security pass.
give shells 10 shells.
give shotgun Shotgun.
give silencer Silencer.
give slugs 10 slugs.
give super shotgun Super shotgun.
give weapons All weapons.
god God mode.
noclip No clipping mode.
notarget Enemies won't see you.
sv_gravity ### Sets gravity to ###.

Type in all cheats in the Quake II console (use ~ key to bring it up).

cl_footsteps 0 - turns off footsteps
sv_gravity 1000000 (makes it to where you cant jump but die on falls unless little falls)

                                         Quake II - Ground Zero


New Weapons (with Ammo) & PowerUps: (use as "give" commands like in normal Quake2)

ETF Rifle
Plasma Beam
Prox Launcher
Double Damage
Hunter Sphere
Defender Sphere
Vengeance Sphere
A-M Bomb
IR Goggles

Ammo for ETF Rifle:

Ammo for Prox Launcher:

You can also type:
- "give all"
- "give weapons"
- "give ammo"


I know that the maps names are listed in the documentation of Ground Zero, but I found out that there are three other maps not shown in the list in the documentation. So I listed them all up here.

(use as "map" commands like in normal Quake2)

1-Player Maps:
RMINE1 Lower Mines
RMINE2 Mine Engineering
RLAVA1 Thaelite Mines
RLAVA2 Tectonic Stabilizer
RWARE1 Eastern Warehouse
RWARE2 Waterfront Storage
RBASE1 Logistics Complex
RBASE2 Tactical Command
RHANGAR1 Research Hangar
RHANGAR2 Maintenance Hangars
RSEWER1 Waste Processing
RSEWER2 Waste Disposal
RAMMO1 Munitions Plant
RAMMO2 Ammo Depot
RBOSS Widow's Lair

Multiplayer Maps:
RDM1 The Low Road
RDM2 The High Road
RDM3 Boxed In
RDM4 Razor Close
RDM5 Stone Hinge
RDM6 Nexus
RDM7 Sewer Citadel
RDM8 Styx and Stones
RDM9 Scenic Overlook
RDM10 Great Divide
RDM11 Dish It Out
RDM12 Fall From Grace
RDM13 Roads To Nowhere
RDM14 Rogue's Edge

Misc. Maps:
RUNIT3 > Weapon- & Ammo Depot for Units 2, 3 & 4

                                      Quake II - Juggernaut

Level select
Press ~ to display the console, then type map <level code> using the following information.

Level Level code
1 jug1
2 jug11
3 jug9
4 jug16
5 jug18
6 jug8
7 jug3
8 jug17
9 jug10
10 jug19
11 jug13
Deathmatch 1 jdm1
Deathmatch 2 jdm2

                                        Quake 3 Arena

Start a server with cheats enabled using the devmap command in the console. Ex."D:\games\Quake III Arena\quake3.exe" devmap dooctf2 Once in the game, go back in the console and type any of the following:

give all - get all weapons + the grappling hook
give health
give armor
give quad damage
give personal teleporter

Cheat mode:
Load Q3DemoTest, open the console, and type /spdevmap <map name>

Use the one of the following values for <map name>:

The game will load in single-player mode with the current settings of the bot variables, and cheat mode enabled. Enter one of the following console commands to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Toggle God mode /god
Toggles no clipping mode /noclip
All weapons and ammo1 /give all
Spawn indicated item /give <item name>

1. The Grenade Launcher and the BFG10K weapons that are unlocked by this codes function, but the graphics are incomplete. It will appear that your character is not holding any weapon when they are selected.

Item names:
Use one of the following item names with the /give code.

battle suit
grappling hook
grenade launcher
lightning gun
personal teleporter
plasma gun
quad damage
rocket launcher

All FMV sequences:
Start the game with the
quake3.exe +seta g_spVideos
command line.

In the Folder "Quake III Arena \ baseq3 " you will find the file " q3config.cfg " with an text editor other than windows notepad edit and change all the frag limits and Time limits to zero. This will set all these limits to " no limit " use your favorite cheat codes and enjoy...!


Quake 3: Arena (Test\Test)
In order to use cheats, the SERVER must create a game with Cheats Enabled (using devmap - Ex. "devmap q3test1").

While playing a game with Cheats Enabled, bring up the console and type the following commands:

Code Result
god -God Mode
give all - Get All Weapons & Grappling Hook
give health - Get Health
give armor - Get Armor
give quad damage - Get Quad Damage
give personal teleporter - Get Personal Teleporter
give gauntlet - Get Gauntlet
give machinegun - Get Machinegun
give shotgun - Get Shotgun
give granade launcher - Get Granade Launcher
give rocket launcher - Get Rocket Launcher
give lightning gun - Get Lightning Gun
give railgun - Get Railgun
give plasma gun - Get Plasma Gun
give bfg10k - Get BFG10K
give grappling hook - Get Grappling Hook
give ammo - Get Ammo

Load Demo-Maps:

map q3test1 - Demolevel 1
map q3test2 - Demolevel 2

Sarge Character
Use a command line/prompt for this one Change into your Quake 3 Directory
type "cd demoq3" then "edit q3config.cfg"
a MS-DOS like edit box should come for a line that says something similar to "seta model"....Change this so the name before the "/" is "sarge" and when quake is run, the character you will be playing with is the sarge player.

                                     Quake III: Team Arena

The Ammo Regen power-up is the perfect complement to the Prox Launcher use it to sow mine fields in areas you know your opponents will be headed. Try to place those mines in hard-to-spot locations, such as on walls or doorways, so the intended victim won't see them in advance and detonate them with a rocket.

Be sure to bind keys to critical team commands so you won't have to hit Esc and issue orders from the menu. This saves you much time and allows you to keep moving while communicating with teammates.

Most of the time you'll want someone who's guarding your base to grab the Doubler power-up, but you should let your offense use it in the Overload game mode so they won't have to spend as long firing at the enemy's obelisk to destroy it.

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